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2013 English Contest

2013 English Contest



Лингвострановедческий конкурс, предлагаемый учащимся старших классов в этом году, имеет своей целью обратить внимание изучающих английский язык  на  некоторые культурно-исторические реалии,  а также на разнообразные способы именования объектов и явлений материальной культуры англоговорящих стран, в частности, использование с этой целью личных имен.

В тесте также представлены задания для тех, кто любит решать лингвистические задачи.

Общее количество очков 53.



I. Give an answer to each question below:
1. He was the first English writer to be awarded the Nobel Prize for literature. This short story writer, poet and novelist is … .
2. The group of most prestigious universities in the north-west of the USA is known as … .
3. The US oldest and most respected women’s colleges are called ….
4. The first school day after holidays or vacation is called … .
5. The flawless accent of the BBC radio and television announcers is called … .
6. This language was originally the English-Chinese jargon.  Nowadays it is used to describe English speech when English is mixed with the speaker’s first language.
7. The name of the country on whose coat of arms one can see the flightless bird emu and a branch of acacia is … .
8. What does the eagle in the Great Seal of the USA hold (a) in its right foot? (b) in its left foot? These are symbols for the power of peace, and war.
9. These two ceremonies in London are arranged every day – one in the morning in the present-day royal residence, the other – in the evening in the former royal place. They are (a) … and (b) … .
10. The most fashionable street in New York where the world’s most expensive shops and restaurants, remarkable museums and hotels are located is called … .
11. On the 17th of March the central line of the street (see above) is painted green. What for?
12. What do the British call a charity event in the United States when the guests bring food and drinks to sell them to other participants?
13. This article of clothes extremely popular with people of all ages and strata, traditionally blue, got its name from the cloth originally manufactured in the Italian city of Janua (present-day Genoa).
14. This article of footwear bears the name of an English national hero, soldier and politician, who was made a duke as a reward for his victories against Napoleon in the Peninsular War.
15. This Scottish inventor’s name was given to coats and cloaks made of the waterproof cloth with rubber.
16. Two or more slices of bread with a filling between them are called … . The name of this meal eaten with the hands derives from the name of the man who is said to have invented it as a quick and easy way to eat while gambling 24 hours a day.
17. A large round cake cooked with meringues and decorated with whipped cream and fresh fruits – strawberries, kiwi, etc. – is a traditional Australian dessert. It is named after the outstanding Russian ballet dancer.
18. When this 19th-century Prime Minister was in office, the London policemen were nicknamed … after him. The nickname extended later to all other British policemen. The PM’s name is … .
19. The youngest member in the House of Commons is nicknamed … .
20. The American who planted apple seeds for forty years in the Ohio River valley in the 19th century is … . His work made him an American legend.
21. … is a boy who lives in a magic place called Never Never Land where he never grows up.
22. Who was the world-famous doll Barbie nameв after?

25 points


II. Fill in the following clichés:

1.  Elementary, my dear … .
2. Home … home.
3. Time … .
4. Isn’t … wonderful!
5. … must go on.
6. … the cat out of the bag.
6 points


III. What is special about the following sentences?
1. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.
2. Jackdaws love my big sphinx of quartz.
4 points


IV. Rearrange letters of each nonsense word below to form a real word which has

a similar meaning to the word in brackets,

e.g.(think) – sume  - muse
1. (think)   certelf          endrop        droncise
2. (funny) gainsum      claimco       omushuro
3. (child) houty          greenate      grenytous

18 points


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