Elena G. Kashina

Kashina Elena
Doctor in Pedagogy, Professor

Is the organizer of the city English speaking club and the leader of the local professional association of EFL teachers.





• Graduated from Samara State Pedagogical Institute in 1971.
• Defended her thesis in methods of teaching English in 1989.
• In 1993 attended courses "Training of Trainers in the Principles of Market Economy and European Integration" for Russian EFL Teachers in Holland, Belgium and Luxembourg
• In 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 2000, 2001 attended courses of English in Great Britain
• In 1998 attended courses in the University of Technology, research language center (Sydney, Australia)
• Defended her doctoral thesis “Theatre Technologies in the Making of an EFL Teacher” in 2004
• In 2007 she participated in Pilgrim Courses (Canterbury, Great Britain)


Has taken part in various University, regional and all-Russia conferences and seminars. Has also traveled to international conference sites (Australia, New Zealand) and participated in international conferences. The latest conferences she participated in were
• “Innovative Technologies in Teaching University Students: Experience, Problems, Solutions” (Samara, 2008)
• “Problems and Perspectives of Teaching” (Samara, 2008)


Has published scientific articles, abstracts of reports and reference materials for students devoted to innovative techniques in teaching English as a foreign language.


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• Methods of Teaching English (lectures)
• Practice of English (for 1t- and 2nd – year students of English Language Department)
• Acting as a senior thesis adviser and term paper adviser (in methods of EFL teaching)

443086, г.Самара ул. Потапова, 64/163, к. к.203,204,205
телефон (846)926-05-59, факс (846)926-05-59, samgueng@mail.ru