Alla S. Grinshtein

Alla Grinshtein
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Degrees and Honours
Candidate in Philology; equivalent of American Ph.D.
Associate Professor


• Diploma from Samara State University, Department of Philology, Division of Romance and Germanic Languages, 1974-1979, Samara, Russia. Qualification: Germanist. Teacher of the English Language and Literature.
• Moscow State University. Completed postgraduate studies (1985-1989). Defended a CPhil thesis in January, 1989.

Professional Interests

Linguocultural and stylistic aspects of translation. Translation theory.


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• All-Russian scientific conference “Linguistic and Cultural Contacts of Different Nations” (1999, Penza)
• International scientific conference. September 27-30, 1999. Samara
• Scientific-practical conference. Samara, 2000.
• All-Russian seminar. Penza, 2000.
• International scientific conference “Space and Time in a Language”. February 6-8, 2001. Samara.

Courses Taught

• Introduction into Translation
• Theory of Translation
• Translation Practice
• Analytical Reading
• General English (advanced students)

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