Vyacheslav D. Shevchenko

Vyacheslav D. Shevchenko

Candidate in Philology; equivalent of American Ph.D., post-doctoral researcher

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• Diploma of graduation with honours, graduated from Orsk State Pedagogical Institute.

• In 2003 defended the CPhil (Ph.D.) thesis «The Cognitive Aspects of the Multifunctional Lexical Items’ Use in the Sphere of the English Business Communication»

• Special programme of the Curriculum Resource Center (CRC) in Central European University's (CEU), Budapest. Grant funded by Open Society Institute's Higher Education Support Program (OSI - HESP)

• 2004 - Certificate of Completion of the Program in Cognitive and Cultural Studies (THE NEW YORK INSTITUTE OF COGNITIVE AND CULTURAL STUDIES and the Center for American and British Studies St Petersburg State University)

Scentific interests
: semantic dynamics analysis of language units at different levels, research of functional stylistic differentiation of language.


• I take part in the annual scientific conferences of the teaching staff at Samara State University.

• Organized the students' scientific conferences. Participated in scientific conferences in Samara and Penza.

• Participation in the “English Studies in the 21st Century” All-Russian scientific conference (St. Petersburg, St. Petersburg State University, January 2006);

• Participation in the “Lingual Personality – Text – Discourse: Theoretical and Applied Aspects of Research” international scientific conference (Samara, Samara State University, October 2006);

• Participation in the 26th International Conference of Philologists (Saint-Petersburg, St. Petersburg State University, March 2007)

• Participation in the Interuniversity Conference in memoriam Stanislaw Lem “Sci-Fi and Technologies” (Samara Aerospace University, March 2007)

• Participation in the plenary session of 4th International Scientific-Practical Conference “Science and Culture in Russia” (Samara Academy of Railway Communications, May 2007)

• Participation in the All-Russian Scientific Conference “Language and Culture in Russia: Current State and Evolution” (Samara, Samara State University, October 2007)

• Participation in the 4th scientific conference “English Studies in the 21st Century” (St.-Petersburg, St.-Petersburg State University, January 2008)

List of publications:

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2. The problem of translation of multifunctional language units of the modern English language//The Problems of applied linguistics, Penza, 1999.

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Acting as Official Opponent

• Acting as the official opponent at the defense of Ph.D. thesis by K.V. Baranova (St. Petersburg, St. Petersburg State University, February 2006);

• Acting as the official opponent at the defense of Ph.D. thesis by E.V. Kovalenko (St. Petersburg, St. Petersburg State University, April 2006).

• Acting as the official opponent at the defense of Ph.D. thesis by N.V. Aksyonova (St. Petersburg, St. Petersburg State University, May 2007).

Subjects Taught:

• Acting as a senior thesis adviser and term paper adviser (in lexicology and stylistics)

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