Tatiana A. Gouralnik

Tatiana A. Gouralnik

Candidate in Philology; equivalent of American Ph.D.
Associate Professor

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Qualification: Philologist. Teacher of the English Language and Literature

Education: Diploma from Samara (Kuibyshev) State University, Department of Philology, Division of Romance and Germanic Languages, 1974-1979, Samara, Russia

• Certificate of participation from The British Council Samara for the seminar "The Basics of Internet" for ESL Teachers, January-February, 2005

• Certificate of completion from IATP Project Harmony training course for Creating Distance Learning Teaching Materials on the basis of "eLearning Office 3000", February-March, 2004, Samara, Russia

• Certificate of completion from the College of St Mark and St John in Course Design, Materials Writing and Trainer Development, February-August 2002, Plymouth, England-Samara-Moscow, Russia

• Certificate of Completion from IATP Project Harmony Summer School "Teaching with Case Studies", June-July 2002, St Petersburg

• Certificate of Completion from Open Society Institute in New York "English Language Teaching Methodology", Distinction for Level 3, Samara 2001

• Recognitions Certificate of Appreciation from Volga Humanitarian Foundation for valuable contributions to American Graduate Admission Examinations workshops, December 2001, Samara Russia

• Senior Teacher, 1995 - present, English Department, Samara State University, Samara Russia

• Lecturer (part-time) 2003 - present, Samara Aerospace University, Department of Translation for Specific Purposes

• Teacher-trainer (part-time) 2001-present, Volga Humanitarian Foundation, Samara, Russia

• Teacher-trainer, instructor 1995 - 2001, Open Society Institute, Samara, Russia

• Instructor (full-time) - January 1988 - August 1995, English Department, Samara State University, Samara, Russia

• Instructor (part-time) September 1984 - December 1987, English Department, Samara State University, Samara, Russia

• Interpreter January 1980 - August 1984, "Volgaburmash" enterprise, Samara, Russia (a joint USSR-USA Rock Bit Plant construction project)

• Instructor October 1979 -January 1980, State Polytechnical Institute, Samara, Russia

Fellowship: JFDP visiting scholar 8/1997 -5/1998,, University of North Dakota, Grand Forks, ND, USA

Membership: member of International TESOL (USA), 1999-2000, Membership Number 49439
member of Samara Chapter TESOL-Russia, 1995-present

• International Conference "Global English for Global Understanding, May 23-25, 2001, Moscow

• 34 Annual TESOL Convention, Vancouver 2000

• International Conference "Language in the Multicultural World" 21-23 October, 1999, Samara, Russia

• 33 Annual TESOL Convention, March 9-13,1999, New York, NY, USA

• Linguistic Circle of Manitoba and North Dakota, 24-25 October 1997, Fargo, ND, USA


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Courses Taught:
• Lexicology of the English Language (lectures, seminars)
• Acting as a senior thesis adviser and term paper adviser (in lexicology and stylistics)
• English for Students of

*: Pimakhina T.A is the maiden name of Gouralnik T.A.

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