Marina V. Cherkunova

Marina Cherkunova

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Senior Instructor






Degrees and Honours
Candidate in Philology; equivalent of American Ph.D.

Education: Diploma from Samara State University, Department of Philology, Division of Romance and Germanic Languages, 1995-2000, Samara, Russia
Conferences: Regular participation in annual conferences of linguists organized by Samara State University.
International scientific-practical conference “Problems of Linguistic Education” (Samara 14-16 November, 2005).
Regional conference “Foreign Languages in Cultural Discourse: Economics, Politics, Education” (Saransk 29-30 November 2005).

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8. Ways of realization of pragmatic function in advertising–27.03.2006
9. Pragmalinguistic characteristics of annotations of scientific and educational literature (based on English editions). Synopsis of the thesis for the Cand.of Science in Linguistics. Samara, 2007. 19 p.
10. Pragmalinguistic Characteristics of English Textbook Annotations pp. 229-237 in “Kommunikativno-kognitivnye aspekty lingvisticheskikh issledovanij v germanskikh yazykakh” (Communicative and Cognitive Aspects of Research in Germanic Languages/ Collected Papers. - Samara: Samara University, 2008.

Courses Taught
1. Advanced English Practice (for senior students)
2. Home Reading classes (for senior students)
3. Stylistics (seminars)
4. Analytical Reading (for senior students)

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