Elina S. Panova

Elina Panova





· Kuibyshev (Samara) State Pedagogical University, Foreign Languages Department. Majoring in English language teaching (1971).
· Language teaching qualification improvement courses at Edwards Language School (London, Great Britain) in 1994 (winter and summer), 1995, 1996, 1997, 2000.
· Insearch Language Centre, University of Technology (Sydney, Australia) (1998).

After graduation I worked as a teacher of English at international gymnasium No.11 focusing on English language studying (1971-1980). I have been working in Samara State University since 1980 as a senior instructor. For several years I combined my teaching duties with the functions of the Dean Deputy at the Philological Faculty.

Professional Interests are related with the area of teaching English:
· developing listening comprehension;
· Drama Technique in Language Learning Creative Classroom, etc.

· Regular participation in annual conferences of language teaching techniques (organized by Samara State University).
· All Russian Science Practical Conference "Foreign Languages in the System of Non-Stop Education" (November, 1997; Moscow)
· City Science Practical Conference organized by Developing Education Centre, Longman Publishing House (March, 2001)

1. Special Recommendations in Grammar for the 2nd - year students, majoring in English. Samara, 1985.

2. Recommendations in Supplementary reading for the 1st - 2nd - year students. Samara, 1986.

3. Recommendations for the 4th - year students in Reading "All the King's Men" by R.P.Warren. Samara, 1999.

4. Drama Techniques in Language Learning. Theses. International Conference TESOL, ELT. Samara, April, 2001.

5. Cinema: history and genres. Handbook. Samara, 2007. 96 p. (with L.Soboleva and E. Loginova)

Courses Taught
· Conversation and Writing Skills in English (with 2nd - and 3rd - year students);
· Reading and discussing English and American books (with 2nd, 3rd, and 4th - year students)
· English Grammar in Practice (with 2nd -year students)
· Conversation and Writing Skills. Disputing (for students of Sociology)
· Conversation and Interpreting Skills (for Law students)
· School Practice Supervision

443086, г.Самара ул. Потапова, 64/163, к. к.203,204,205
телефон (846)926-05-59, факс (846)926-05-59, samgueng@mail.ru