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February 2015

1) Albion… What is it and what word does it derive from?

2) What language is the motto in the English coat of arms written in?

3) What natural wonder in the British Isles inspired the famous German composer Felix Mendelssohn to create an orchestra piece?

4) In which of the British islands was there unveiled a stone to commemorate the first piloted flight into space?

5) What wonder of the world can one see in Canada?

6) The English captain Matthew Flinders discovered this island and gave it the name of what one could see in Australia’s national coat of arms. What is the name of the island?

7) In the decorative ornament of Big Ben there are cells. What were they used for before the year of 1880?

8) Two centuries ago people of this profession loudly knocked on their clients’ doors with short heavy sticks; they also used long and light bamboo sticks to knock on the window. They also used pea-shooters. What were these people? Why did they do all this?

9) In the 19th-century England letters were written on one sheet of paper from top to bottom horizontally and vertically. Why?

10) In one of the English-speaking countries radio programs start with the calls of this bird. Name the country and the bird.

11) What is the oldest English word that is still in use?

12) What does the word Canada mean?

13) What do the first photography camera and the location not far from Dnepropetrovsk have in common?

14) What do they call the Tuesday before Easter day in Britain? What tradition is it associated with?

15) In Australia winter clothes are not used in summer but during the New Year celebration Santa Claus should wear one winter item. What is it?

16) What US holiday devoted to a national dish is celebrated in the summer time?

17) The Americans started to use pumpkins for making Halloween lanterns in the 19th century. Before, people in Britain had used other vegetables. Which ones?

18) In traditional English May Day parades and other May celebrations, the participants choose May Queen – the prettiest and best girl. What is the name of a male who wears a foliage-covered framework?

19) What festival is celebrated in Canada in May?

20) During this Festival, the queen of another state gives flowers to Canada. What country is it? Why?

21) Which of the English monarchs established the tradition to celebrate their birthdays in the summer time? Why?

22) When people go abroad they need a passport – their personal identification. The British monarch frequently visits foreign countries. What are the requirements concerning Her Majesty?

23) The culminating point of any official dinner in the royal family is the word of grace. What two words does it consist of?

24) Every autumn the Queen arrives at Westminster Palace. To do what?

25) What is the nickname of the youngest member in the Lower Chamber in UK Parliament?

26) Why do the Royal family arrive at Sandrigham every year?

27) One can never believe that in England there was a famous seaman who suffered from sea-sickness. What is his name?

28) Which English writer was first to be awarded the Nobel Prize for literature?

29) Where and when could one sacrifice a cat to feed lions so that he/she could visit a zoo?

30) Where in Britain can you visit a safari-park?


Total: 30 points

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