о проведении конкурса по страноведению

для учащихся 9-10 классов, 2010 год

1. Цели конкурса: обогатить учащихся культурологической информацией о странах изучаемого языка, их историческом прошлом, современном англо-говорящем обществе, национальных и культурных особенностях, традиционной организации быта и досуга британцев, американцев, канадцев, австралийцев; способствовать развитию аналитического мышления; повысить мотивацию к изучению английского языка

2. Конкурс представляет собой первый дистанционный этап Олимпиады по английскому языку, которая ежегодно проводится кафедрой английской филологии СамГУ для учащихся старших классов и оценивается по результатам присланных в письменном виде ответов. Адресa пересылки:




Re: “Страноведческий конкурс”


3. Подсчет баллов производится следующим образом:

задание 1 - 10 баллов

задание 2 - 10 баллов

задания 3 и 4 - по 5 баллов соответственно


Задание 1

Choose the appropriate word or phrase

1. New England is …

a) the island off North Scotland

b) the territory in the north of Brittany in France ruled by the English kings in he Middle Ages

c) the name of England after the 18th-19th century Industrial Revolution

d) part of the United States

2. Which of the islands is called ‘Emerald Island’?

a) Barbados

b) Cyprus

c) Ireland

d) Tasmania

3. Snowdonia – a spectacular spot called a tourist Mecca – is in …

a) Wales

b) Scotland

c) Northern Ireland

d) the Lake District, England

4. The second largest city in the UK is … .

a) Sheffield

b) Birmingham

c) Liverpool

d) Manchester

5. The Black Country is the other name of …

a) the English Midland territory with many industrial centres

a) the British Empire’s colonies in Africa

b) the estate where Prince Edward, known as the Black Prince, lived

c) an American mountain range in South Dakota and Wyoming covered with forests which look dark.

6. The name “Albion” stands for … .

a) a white seabird

b) the Roman Empire

c) the Roman name of England

d) the ancient name of Ireland

7. What country was called the Pearl in the British Crown?

a) India

b) Ceylon

c) Burma

d) Laos

8. The place where Robin Hood hid from the sheriff was called …

а) the Rocky Mountains

b) Grand Canyon

c) Sherwood Forest

d) the Grampian Mountains

9. Where do the British royal family traditionally spend Christmas?

a) Balmoral

b) Buckingham Palace

c) Windsor Castle

d) Sandringham

Задание 2

10. Make the correct choice of the word or phrase:

1. EUROSTAR is … .

b) the All-Europe beauty contest

c) the annual European music festival

d) the underwater tunnel connecting the British Isles and the Continent

e) the film festival of European countries

2. The Crown Jewels are kept in … .

a) Westminster Abbey

b) Windsor Castle

c) Buckingham Palace

d) Tower of London

3. Big Ben is located in … .

a) Victoria Tower

b) the White Tower

c) the Clock Tower

d) Westminster Abbey

4. Buckingham Palace is known as

a) the place where d’Artagnan looked for the French Queen’s jewellery

b) the storage for the Spanish queen where she kept her jewellery

c) the royal residence for the British monarch

d) the royal mint where American dollars (bucks) are coined

5. The London Cenotaph is … .

a) a famous cinema

b) a museum of birds

c) a war memorial

d) a tower in the City

6. The Black Death is the name of … .

a) the prominent boxer – Mohammed Ali

b) the 1348 epidemic of plague in England

c) the devastating Hurricane Gilbert

d) the strong wind in the desert of Sahara

7. The man who invites the Members of Parliament from the House of Commons to listen to the Throne Speech is known as …

a) Black Rod

b) Black Guard

c) Black Messenger

d) Black Sheep

8. The London Metropolitan police officers bear the nickname “bobbies” in honour of … .

a) Robert Southey – the famous Lake School poet

b) Rob Roy – the main character in Walter Scott’s novel of the same name

c) Robert de Niro – the famous actor

d) Robert Peel – one of the 19th century Prime Ministers

9. The word ‘dandy’ used by Pushkin in Chapters I and IV of Eugene Onegin means

a) a philosopher

b) a landlord

c) a crocodile

d) a man who spends a lot of time and money on his clothes and personal appearance

10. The First Foot is … .

a) the winner in the London Marathon

b) the winner of the show “The UK Largest Foot”

c) the first visitor on January 1 in Scotland

d) the first mountaineer who reached the top of Snowdon, Wales.

Задание 3

Fill in the blanks to complete the following proverbs:

1. When the … away, … can play.

a) parents are… children b) cat is … mice

c) teacher is… pupils d) boss is… employees

2. To kill two … with one stone.

a) birds b) hares c) rabbits d) snails

3. When there is a …, there’s a way.

a) car b) road c) will d) wish

4. Too many cooks spoil the … .

a) broth b) cake c) dish d) soup

5. Strike ……. while it’s hot

a) wood b) iron c) gold d) copper

Задание 4.

What are the Russian equivalents for the following?

1) When pigs fly.

2) He will never set the Thames on fire.

3) It’s Greek to me.

4) The proof of the pudding is in the eating.

5) Curiosity killed a cat.


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