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by Tanya Bortnikova



Smiling is infectious; you catch it like the flu,

When someone smiled at me today, I started smiling too.

I passed round the corner and someone saw my grin

When he smiled I realized I’d passed it on to him.

I thought about that smile, then I realized its worth,

A single smile, just like mine could travel round the earth.

So, if you feel a smile begin, don’t leave it undetected

Let’s start an epidemic quick, and get the world infected!!!




by ValeriaTiveryova (2010)


Imagine that you come across this advertisement in one of the issues of “Forbes”:


Dear Sirs,


During your whole life you have been waiting for a woman of your dream. Congratulations! You have found her – the queen of your heart!

If you have a sophisticated taste and you are an extremely passionate book-lover, if you are a highly qualified specialist in Germanic languages and know the system of the Gothic language inside out, if you speak Latin fluently, cite “Ulysses” and “Iliad” with equal ease, never mix onomatopoeia with antonomasia, if the most romantic place you have ever had a date in was the London Library, and the most expensive present you have given to your sweetheart was a volume of poems by Geoffrey Chaucer, we are delighted to inform you that we have about a hundred charming candidates, each of them being the answer to your prayers.

Your prompt reply would be very much appreciated.


Yours faithfully,


Philological Faculty,

English Department



A Teacher

To be a teacher – a second Mum,

To face each morning laughter and fun,

To teach and share,

And be in good air.

To broaden young minds

With rules of all kinds,

To store pupils’ thoughts

With words of all sorts.

To grin and bear

When they don’t prepare.

To love and to care.

To praise and to swear.

To roar with laughter,

To suffer from pain.

To enter your class

Again and again.

And as a greatest reward to see a child’s smile.

To be a TEACHER … Be sure, I’ll try!




By Group 611 - 2002




What is this life if full of care,

We have no time to stand and stare?


No time to glance at our teacher

And watch her nice and graceful features.


No time to hear what she says

Apart from topics, poems and chants.


No time to see in broad daylight

Heart full of Kindness, Hope and Light.


No time to say a couple of

Cheering, consoling, kindly words.


No time to wait till her mouth can

Enrich the smile her eyes began.


A poor life’s this if we don’t stare

At Teacher of whom we are taking care.






We’ll tell you, shall we, something we remember.

Something that still means a great deal to us.

It was long ago:


Monday morning, September the 1st – the year begins.

Timidly opening the University door,

Searching for the classroom on the 3rd floor,

We came here for the first time.

Wondering if that was our cup of tea,

Stepping inside – not really free.


First we took to reading. Then we took to drills.

Then we took to other things with which a student deals.

No matter what we took to, it was quite alright:

We liked 12 cans of English for dinner every night.

What had happened to our class?

What had happened to us?

Wordsworth, Housman and Robert Frost came into our lives.


That was (We knew nothing about it )

How we started (We knew really nothing about it)

Studying English (Without you we wouldn’t get by)

And now we returned and things we have learned

In hearts, souls and minds will never die.


When we get older, losing our hair, many years from now

We shall still remember our jazz chants.

Other things you taught us; thanks for our chance!

Our September, our October, our November,

Things we heard and saw

We shall still remember when we are 64!


Experiences are what we deal in.

We’ve had a great experience! Right?

Exciting? Something we’ll remember!

It’s so nice!

So congratulations from all of us at the University!

Have a nice TEACHER’S DAY!







By Anastasia Yerysheva – 2007


Insomnia has got a story to tell,

a curse to spell,

a horror to scare,

a letter to tear,

tears to cry,

reasons to die.


Jealousy has got a Roman nose,

an overdone pose,

a very proud look,

poison and a hook,

a thick rope

and some soap.


Love has got kisses to pay,

words to say,

sins to confess,

points to press,

lovers to lose…

and no options to choose.




By Anna Bogolyubova


What makes the different

roads cross?

The southern east,

the western north.

The Global Net

that can unite

Alaska’s day

and Russia’s night

The Ocean tears

them both apart,

Leaves only letters

learnt by heart.




There’s so much meaning

in this sound.

A dog, a cat together


But I can see another fact -

The more we think,

The less we act.







It’s like a strange disease.


It looks like northern breeze.


The only child of love,


Inside, around, above…






When your life is so bad,

And your thoughts are so sad,


And the Sun doesn’t shine,

Go to a friend of mine.


When in the sky there is the Moon,

Please, go out and very soon


You’ll see him sitting in a tree

And singing songs. He’s so free!


The Nightingale – that is his name.

His song is fine. It is a flame.


It is the music of his heart.

The Nightingale is kind and smart,


His song will help you realize

What’s right and wrong and make you wise.


Besides, you will be taught to dream…

If you’re unhappy, visit him.




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